When Buying Eyeglass Lenses, There's No Substitute For Expert Advice !!!



 Choose The Best Lenses For Your Glasses


The lenses you choose for your eyeglasses — even more than frames — often will determine how happy you are with your eyewear.


Why Choosing The Right Eyeglass Lenses Is So Important


When buying eyeglasses, the frame you choose is important to both your appearance and your comfort when wearing glasses. But the eyeglass lenses you choose influence four factors: appearance, comfort, vision and safety.


Cost Of Eyeglass Lenses And Eyeglasses


Depending on the type of lenses and lens treatments you choose and the lens design you need, your eyeglass lenses can easily cost more than the frames you choose — even if you choose the latest designer frames.
So how much will your glasses cost? That's hard to say.
According to Consumer Reports' latest reader survey published in 2015, respondents spent a median of $244 out-of-pocket on their last pair of prescription eyeglasses. But this figure can be misleading.
The amount you pay for your next pair of glasses will depend on many factors, including your visual needs, your fashion desires and whether you have vision insurance that covers a portion of the cost of your eyewear.
Keep in mind that if you choose high-end designer frames and aspheric, high-index progressive lenses with premium anti-reflective coating, it's not unusual for the cost of your eyeglasses to exceed $800.